Post # 200 and Top 10 of the Year

On this 18th day of December 2008 turns 200 posts old.A good reason to take a look at this year’s Top 10 most favorite posts:1. Spiritual NBA Player Nicknames (nba)2. Jewish NASCAR (nascar)3. Super Bowl XLII Prayers on Twitter (nfl, twitter)4. McCain Explains It All For You (easter, nfl)5. upgraded (branding, domain, nhl)6. […]

2007 Top 10 Most Popular Stories

1. Kaka planning future as evangelical minister (soccer)2. NBA’s Nastiest and Most Unusual Records (nba)3. Thanksgiving Day Prayers and Football (nfl, thanksgiving)4. Jon Kitna doesn’t have to go to hell (nfl, thanksgiving)5. Fast forward to the 5th Stage of Grief (nfl)6. NHaiL Satan (nhl)7. Ferocious (boxing, myspace)8. South Park: Jesus wins! (boxing, branding, wwe)9. Robert […]

NFLE drawn into NFL

For the purpose of clarity the former yearly NFLE labels are all drawn into NFL. So the termination of NFL’s European daughter is completed on this blog as well.